The Top 20 Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

Here are the best topics that you can use for your management dissertation.

Top 20 Management Dissertation Topics

  • - Compare the methodologies to improve a business and describe if they are using a universal approach to it.

  • - Pick a company and describe their external and internal risk reporting.

  • - How does branding give a company a competitive advantage over their competition? Use a case study to prove or disprove this topic.

  • - Describe the relationship a company has between performance and the growth of the business. Are there any issues that arise because of either of these?

  • - E-commerce, you can do a case study on one of the biggest virtual retailers online. You can look at their strategic alliances with other companies, who they merged with, and their acquisitions.

  • - Global business strategies, what kind of power and conflict can arise because of it? And what kind of factors do corporations have to look at to make them successful?

  • - There are different cultures around the world but how does a country’s culture affect the businesses performance or their success rate?

  • - Describe an employee’s commitment to a company. You can look at calculative, affective, and normative commitment.

  • - When an employee gets moved to a larger company, what are the effects that it can have on the employee?

  • - What is the best way to manage your employees if you are working in the non-profit sector of a company?

  • - What is the most effective way to implement a human resources policy in a company that has different divisions and is a very large company?

  • - What kind of conflicts can you have when you are working with different people that have different management skills? You can look at their styles or culture that they learned to manage in.

  • - What are the adjustments that employees go through when there is a change in management?

  • - How can management lower the stress level of a workplace and keep their business on top?

  • - What kind of changes do you usually see when there is a change in the workplace?

  • - What are the strategies those fast food giants like McDonalds uses to manage their global operations?

  • - Look at some of the biggest bankruptcies in business, analyze the risk management systems that they had in place and see if they are effective ones.

  • - What kind of pressure does the stakeholders of a company have over the risk management strategies that are in place to keep their money safe?

  • - Pick a business that has gone under or had a bail out and see what they could have done to avoid this or if they should have gotten the bailout to help them.

  • - Does outsourcing a company really help the business and does it help boost the industry in a different country?

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