Where to Search for a Proper Dissertation Critique Sample

Writing a dissertation critique gives you vital tips when writing your own. It opens your eyes to the dos and don’ts of academic work. It also sharpens your understanding of presentation methods since you can identify mistakes in other people’s work. With a view of complete work, you have an idea of a good paper and a bad one. It gives you an idea of steps to take to ensure that your work meets the highest academic requirements possible.

Dissertation critique samples are prepared by academicians with the aim of assisting students in their work. The critic focuses on such areas as faithfulness to the topic, formatting, presentation of ideas, coherence of argument and how compelling the work or paper turns out to be. A sample critique gives you the format to use and how to guarantee credibility of your assertions through citation and reference to other works.

Where can I get a good dissertation critique sample?

University websites

Universities provide templates and samples to their students to simplify their academic work. These samples are reliable considering that they are issued by credible academic institutions. They offer guidelines to be followed by every student in that university and therefore can be relied upon in writing own critique. Each university has a specific formatting style. This means that the samples offered are already approved and therefore meet these guidelines.

Online academic resources

Websites offering academic resources like research, templates and samples have a range of dissertation critique papers for different disciplines. To ensure that you get the right sample, understand the formatting guidelines issued by your department as well as presentation and formatting style that applies in your discipline. This helps you to avoid the wrong format or an unapproved style.

Ask your professor or supervisor

The department and specifically your supervisor or favorite professor must have written or been in possession of several critiques. These papers will help you when writing your own. The professor may also refer you to a reliable source in case he does not have one at hand. Physical contact with the supervisor or professor helps you in case you need clarification.


Libraries stock numerous academic documents that can be used as samples. The assistance of library personnel will help you get any materials or resources you require for your academic work. Since the resources are available free of charge, it is possible to get several samples for comparison purposes.

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