Picking Up Strong Ideas For International Relations Dissertations

If you want to score the best mark for your international relations dissertation, the topic should be really good. Here are some useful topic ideas:

  1. NATO’s unjustified invasion of independent Libya.
  2. Such a dissertation concerns itself with the appropriateness of NATO’s meddling in the Libyan civil war. The cause of it was the change of General Gaddafi’s regime in the country.

  3. The second Cold War: will Syria take part?
  4. Here you can write that Russian president’s backing Syria is the reason for the full-scale change in the relations between the Middle East countries. The issue is whether a new Cold War is being developed, and the roles of Russia and Western world.

  5. Are the measures taken against the Iranians efficient?
  6. This dissertation can discuss whether drastic measures taken by the EU against Iran are due, because the rising inflation, expensive goods and high level of unemployment are imposed on ordinary people rather than the government.

  7. Does Britain need to give any foreign aid for the Indian Economy?
  8. This dissertation can be about the necessity for the UK to help India financially. Indian politicians claim that their country doesn’t need any assistance. Both Indian and British opinions can be revealed in the thesis.

  9. Should the UN Security Council Permanent Members Be Expanded or Replaced?
  10. France, China, Great Britain, the USA and Russia occupy the five permanent members’ seats. This dissertation questions whether the number of permanent members should be increased for India and Japan to join in or whether Britain and France should be replaced.

  11. The Cuban Missile Crisis: what are the results?
  12. This thesis shows the results of the Cuban Missile Crisis for the USSR and the USA, and the advantages or disadvantages of Kennedy’s presidency at that period.

  13. Was the Warsaw Pact a means of Russia’s self-defence?
  14. The second part of the XX century was characterized by the confrontation between socialism and capitalism, so the Warsaw Pact can be seen as Russia’s attempt to protect itself.

  15. Was American foreign policy in the Middle East since the mid-20 century a seek for petroleum?
  16. This dissertation deals with the question whether American foreign policy in the second half of the XX c. was based on the search for oil only.

  17. What is North Korea in the light of its international relations?
  18. North Korea is known as a reserved, military-oriented communist country, which raises concern as to its nuclear power. This dissertation can clarify the real state of things in the state.

  19. Is sabre-rattling a way to divert voter’s attention?
  20. This thesis questions whether sabre-rattling is a means to reduce the attention paid to the problems in the country during the election or pre-election period.

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