How To Impress The Reader By Choosing A Strong Topic For My Dissertation

Do you want to write a dissertation that stands out from the rest of your class? Do you think that the current topic of your dissertation suits the scope of your work? Do you want to come up with a great topic that can engage your audience? Do you think the topic selection process is much time consuming? Do you want to be able to grade well in your dissertation? Do you think the dissertation committee members will approve your dissertation? Are you able to maintain the direction of your dissertation throughout the paper? Do you think the topic of your dissertation is something you can address in a definite way? Do you know how professional writers hook their audience in the topic of their paper? Do you think it is hard to choose a unique topic for your thesis? Do you want to compose a topic that will sweep people off their feet? Do you think you will succeed with the synopsis because the topic you chose is very impressive?

  • - Understand your subject to be able to move forward with your research and topic selection. Determine the approach and practical applications of the subject you are dealing with. Check if there is a potential gap, which you can address in your paper.

  • - Break down your subject into sub categories and divisions to narrow down your research. You might draw a web diagram to see the connection between different areas. You can then choose the best area for yourself

  • - When you have a narrowed down area to work with, you can then carry out literature review for all the published materials under this area. You need to analyze each of them carefully to find the potential gap for your research. You need to be very objective with this phase.

  • - Research and read relevant materials to inspire new ideas. Do not copy from someone, but you can use someone‚Äôs ideas to trigger your own.

  • - Find a peaceful corner and sit down to brainstorm. Take a pen in your hand and list down everything that comes to your mind. Some of the ideas may not seem logical but you do not need to stop. Keep writing down everything and you can edit them later

  • - Combine your research and brainstorming results to create an effective topic. Make sure that the topic is precise

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