A Manual For Composing A Strong Phd Dissertation

Doing your PhD dissertation may seem too complicated, but once you set clear goals and structure your work, you can compose a strong paper according to the requirements and within your time limits. So, PhD students should make a robust working plan, use time management techniques, and keep the track of solved tasks and those that they still have in their to-do list.

Typically, the process of dissertation writing goes according to the following scheme; some important details to keep in mind are mentioned below.

  • You should select your field of interest.
  • It is very hard to compose a dissertation on a topic that you are not interested in. You should investigate the research area, select several topics that you would like to work on, and then consult your supervisor. He or she might suggest you to change your focus a little bit or study a different aspect of the problem. Either way, choosing a research topic is the first important step that you should make.

  • It is necessary to choose a key approach and a title.
  • Some PhD papers extend a study that has been carried on while others apply a theory to some practical issues. PhD students can choose different approaches according to their experience and skills. A chosen approach should be presented in your title. Many students do not feel confident about chosen approaches, so they prepare working titles and revise them after the papers are completed.

  • Every strong dissertation begins from an outline plan.
  • It is a bad idea to skip this step. A good outline helps you organize and structure your paper. Additionally, it makes it easier to keep the track of your progress. You should specify your topic, provide important details about the subject, mention the main concepts and theories, compose your thesis statement, and sum up the potential findings. It also makes sense to write a list of chapters and subchapters of your paper.

  • A strong dissertation is based on reliable sources.
  • When you are planning your dissertation chapters, you should include the full bibliography of sources that you want to use. It makes sense to ask your supervisor about the sources relevant to your research. You should ensure that they are reliable and provide information relevant to your study approach. The majority of PhD students agree that it is better to cite the sources when you write; you can use special software to cite the sources properly without much effort.

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