A List Of Solid Media Dissertation Ideas To Consider

If you are tasked with writing a media dissertation, there are many ideas you should consider before you start writing. Remember that the more personalized you can make a topic, the better your writing and research will be. Consider the following topics:

  1. You can write about whether YouTube could be considered part of the public sphere. Consider the implications of deeming it a public sphere, with regard to freedom of speech and the removal of things like anti-Islam films. YouTube has the right to remove anything it wants and it has. You can review work on citizen journalism and the manner in which YouTube interacts with public viewings on its site. You can review the vetting process, if any, which is used to take a video down or not from this so-called “public sphere”.
  2. You might instead write a custom dissertation on internet comments and the new growth of blogging. You can review whether it lacks the credibility and the validity to really be considered part of the public sphere. News sites allow comments on the news but when an anonymous blogger comments on something it is argued that the credibility and validity of what that person has to say is gone due to their anonymity alone. It is argued that in order to receive credibility an author’s name must be printed. It is important to argue whether bloggers can be considered part of the public sphere or not given the traditional anonymity. You can review data on whether this is considered a lack of commitment, whether news sites are reconsidering having online comments, etc.
  3. You can also review the public reaction to specific portrayals in the news. You can analyze group reactions to the portrayal of two places, events, or people and focus on whether people feel that the footage pertaining to, for example, their city is accurate or not and whether the news reports information with any form of bias. You might focus on whether the information presented is uplifting or not.
  4. You can also write about the development of the 24 hour news broadcast and whether the fillers and repeated interviews have degraded the actual news which is being covered. You can write about the whether the never ending cycle causes people to switch off, ignoring the content almost all of the time, or whether it causes them to soak up more information.

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