Crafting A Philosophy Dissertation Title: Useful Advice

The first thing that you notice about anything written is the title. It’s the thing that makes one work different from another. A good heading can influence people’s decisions. For instance, people will form an opinion on your dissertation upon the whole, without even opening it.

What is a good heading? It’s the one that attracts attention, one that gives us an idea of what is going to happen in the work and suggests the future development of the subject. A good heading does not give a complete description of what is happening inside your philosophy dissertation. Though it’s much more detailed, it’s better not to overload people’s mind with something too complicated.

What are you writing this research for? Mostly, for those people who need reference information for their own works. Remember that when you are in search of information for your philosophy dissertation, you are looking for other students’ works by their headings. The same can be applied to your work. Students will judge the title of your work to see whether they will use it in their own research or not.

Now let’s see what you need in order to craft a smart dissertation heading:

  • A working title.
  • This is the heading that allows you to keep on with your research, yet, retaining the mind concentrated on a certain, very precise aspect. Having this working heading will help you remember the boundaries of the subject in order to prevent unnecessary wastage of energy and time on things that don’t suit the format of your philosophy dissertation.

  • A ready title.
  • The difference between a working and actual headings is in their functions. The working title is necessary to keep you within the frame of the subject. Once you are through, you need to invent something bright, catchy, more attractive, and probably less detailed.

  • A good hook.
  • Though a title is a short line compared to the entire project, you can still use a hook. Choose a smart quotation taken from works that you use as reference materials. Give preference to arguments that correlate with your own statements or absolutely opposite ones that allow you to build up your own argument.

  • Uniqueness.
  • A good dissertation is unique in everything. Such a work can attract the attention of readers and let them know that they are about to read something that has been done with a lot of devotion. This is how your audience can grow significantly due to the attractiveness of your project heading.

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