How to Excel in Writing a Doctoral Paper

Writing a doctoral paper is a very important step in your academic and in your professional career. You are probably excited about getting you PhD, but it can also be a scary time. In order to be successful in this process, use our following tips to keep you on track and to keep you successful.

Steps for Success

  1. Plan for the next six months to a year: it seems like a bit much, but you need to pan you advisor session, your interviews, your writing times, and any coach times you might need. These items need to go on the schedule from the beginning.
  2. Make your interview appointments now: you need to contact your interviewees and schedule the interview appointments now. Over schedule, so that you have a surplus of expert support.
  3. Schedule the advisor appointments now: you have to make the appointments now. You are not the only person who will need the advisor, and emergency time slots will be difficult o get. Your advisor needs to see the paper as it unfolds. Emergency fixes are a bad thing, if the paper is closely watched, the there will be no emergencies.
  4. Make an outline: this paper is too large and too important to be written without an outline.
  5. Research often: look at your research is open-ended. Set aside weekly research days where you peruse the databases and explore your industry periodicals in search of relevant new writings and findings.
  6. Help: if necessary, seek professional writing help. Never get so far behind or so lost in the process that gaining help is futile. At the first sign of distress, seek out a professional to keep you on track. If you struggle throughout the whole paper, hire a tutor to guide you through the entire process. You will find the money spent is well with it.
  7. Never miss deadlines: a deadline cannot be missed ever. You may be removed from the program and have to wait another semester to start over. Do not miss deadlines.
  8. Touch it daily: touch your doctoral paper every single day, even if you just read it.

Follow these eight rules without fail as you write your doctoral paper. Using these rules will prevent delays or emergencies. And you never want delays or emergencies in the doctoral paper process. Good luck!

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