5 Basic Components of the APA Dissertation Structure

What is the APA format? It’s an academic writing style that is most commonly used for works in social sciences or humanities. It can be used for essays, research papers, dissertations, etc. If you are told to compose a project in the APA format, you need to remember that it has a number of demands, which should be observed.

What Are the Five Basic Components of an APA Dissertation?

Each project that is finished in accordance to the APA style involves five main parts which are as follows:

  1. A title page.
  2. This part of your work introduces you as an author and researcher. The title page in APA works involve the words “running head” with a column before the title. This is a distinctive feature of this style. The title page is supposed to include the title of the project, your name (without degrees) and the name of your university.

  3. An abstract page.
  4. This is literally a page (it should not be long) that represents the topic of your project, its goals, your research methods, etc. in a nutshell. It makes sense to provide a list of keywords in this page, too.

  5. An introduction.
  6. It’s a very important part of any academic project because it gives readers an idea of what they can find under the cover. It should be catchy and short.

  7. Methods and results.
  8. The choice of methods is essential for a research like a dissertation. No matter what you choose, you need to be able to explain why you have chosen it and how effective these methods have been to you.

  9. Citations and references.
  10. Any point of view needs to be supported by reliable facts from good reference sources. In the APA style, citations should necessarily be connected to the list of reference literature of other sources that you have used.

How to Remember All the APA Style Demands?

It often seems to students that all the peculiarities of academic writing styles are impossible to keep in mind. In fact, there is no need to remember all of them. There are useful guidebooks that render all the necessary information on the writing styles, providing you even with samples of certain pages.

Sometimes, it makes sense to turn to your supervisor and ask for some help. If you are experiencing difficulties but don’t want to show them, you can turn to professional writers who are available on the Web. These specialists are perfectly able to help you with any academic writing tasks.

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