Where To Go If I Want To Buy A Dissertation: 4 Good Suggestions

Here are some suggestions that might help you to find what you are looking for…

Bare caution! (The most important tip)

Writing a dissertation for you doctorate or master’s degree can be painful. It is a long, arduous and time-consuming process. Buying a dissertation is progressively becoming more and more common amongst students who can afford to. But have no misgiving; buying a dissertation is no cakewalk either. One has to bear a great degree of caution and be extremely wise when attempting to find a source from where one can be found for sale.

Here are some sources that should be explored….

Custom Academic Writing Websites

These exist in such a great abundance that once you start looking you will find yourself lost in the attempt of trying to make a decision about which one you should choose.

These custom academic writing websites offer a wide-ranging variety of services. Their services can vary in the types of writing services offered, the subject matters which they can cover, the types of writers that are present on their payroll, the charges applicable for different kinds of works, the follow up services, online support, the rapidity with which they can complete their work, quality assurance guarantee and several other factors.

One should, nonetheless, bear great caution while hiring such services, as there is also an abundance of fraudulent and misleading services. Therefore, one is advised to be vigilant, and be aware.

Freelance Writers

While websites or companies offer a presentable outface, their robustness can often cause them to be slow in response and their yield of work may often be compromised.

Freelance writers are singular agents that offer work at their own behest and are single handedly responsible. Their atomic nature decreases the degree of red tape with them and they can thus act in a swift, fast and more proficient manner.

They might, however charge slightly more as freelance writers are often coveted due to the, mostly, high quality work they produce with a consistency in their reputation.


Don’t let yourself be limited to the Internet, the cyberspace. Ask around for sources from where you can find these services for sale.

Ask your friends, peers, associates… for information regarding any references to such services.

A physical search can often yield the kind of information that a digital one cannot. Accountability, responsibility and quality of work can often be determined more efficiently through the word of mouth.

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