A List Of Great Master's Dissertation Topics To Explore 

Master's dissertations are advanced researches and studies in different fields and specific topics. Usually you get the help of an advisor, but even then it is in the hands of the master's student to choose and develop the topic of their dissertation. The hardest part of the work is often just coming up with your topic, so here is a list of some great ones to start with:

Possible topics for you to consider

  • History: Independence of Teutonic Knights and the Knights of the Templar. 
  • Archaeology: An evolutionary perspective: The history of the dog.
  • Engineering: Sustainable urban drainage systems in Africa: Adoption and maintenance.
  • Architecture and Construction: The decline of timber and the rise of masonry frame construction in China.
  • Culture: Persian carpets: Symbolism and patterns.
  • Business: Internationalization strategies and their influence on American IT companies.
  • Economics: Foreign investment in India and China.
  • Language Studies: Syntax of negation: A comparison of English and Arabic.
  • Fashion: The House of Dior: Historical and cultural changes and effects.
  • Law: International human rights laws: What is the role of the UN in making them secure?
  • Medicine: TB diagnosis and treatment in the UK: What is impeding success?
  • Management: Employee motivation in Asian online companies.
  • Science: Open channel shallow water: An analysis of the water's surface.
  • Politics: The fascist elements of Franco's regime.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: The impacts of developing tourism on India.

Tips for choosing your topic

  • Pick something you have at least a basic knowledge of. You don't want to be a blank slate.
  • Your choice should be based on what is done in the real world of your studies. For example, those who are studying psychology will need to relate their choice to what is useful for advancing psychology.
  • Base them on the areas that you are interested in, not your advisor. It is you who will be doing the research, so ensure that it will be capable of holding your attention.
  • Make sure that there is enough material out there for you to research about your choice.
  • Ask yourself if the topic you have chosen is going to help those who work in your field. Will it solve a problem which has plagued researchers for years? Do you believe you can come up with a better and faster way of doing things?

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