How To Compose A MLA Style Bibliography For A Dissertation

The Modern language Association has some very set rules on what you can and cannot do when you use that format for your bibliography dissertation. History, English, and humanities instructors usually implement it, and not the APA style. Also, the teacher using MLA can also choose between a Works Cited and an actual bibliography. A Works Cited is only the sources that use you actually used. There are two choices when you are putting together your MLA Style biography for a dissertation. You can use an online gathering and formatting site for ease. The fees to use them are very low, and because of the large amount of sources it is recommended you use one. They are:

  • - Annotated bibliography-you will alphabetically (by last name) format and list your sources. Then in 1-2 sentences you will explain how and where you are using this in the piece. A book citation with an annotation would look like this:
  • Parris, Carol. Love of Surfing. Chicago: Write Right Publishing, 2001. Print (author name. book title. Publisher location: publisher’s name. Year of publication. Medium)

    Annotation: This source was used to show the background and history of the sport.

  • - Bibliography (no annotations): the bibliography would look similar, but without the annotations. Here is an example of a magazine source in MLA style:
  • Krauss, Kelly. “The Love of Surfing.” Outdoor Life. 20 February 2005.85-90. Print. (author name. article name. magazine name. date of publication. medium of publication).

    A newspaper article looks like this:

    Brown, Bobby. “New Surfer Breaks on Scene.” The New York Times 28 Nov. 2000:

    A1. Print. (author name, article name. newspaper title. Date. Section of newspaper. Medium of source.

Keep in mind that for every type of source there is in existence, set criteria on how to cite it and how to place it in the bibliography exists. The rules vary from source to source. This means you will need to know how to handle encyclopedias, interviews, case studies, quotes, online sources, and such. In addition to using our short guide as an aid, you will want to buy or find online a reference site to act as additional support as you work on your dissertation in MLA style. You do not want to present a paper that is perfect in every way, but the formatting. You will want to follow all Modern Language Association rules.

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