Using Professional Ideas Working On Your Doctoral Dissertation

The better the ideas used in a doctoral dissertation the better it has a chance to get passed. A dissertation is the accumulation of what the student has learned, and should be presented with the best ideas that they can use. The more professional it looks and sounds, the better it looks in all aspects, and will help get it viewed with the respect it deserves. This is what will be shown, are some ideas to help in building a better presentation to get the quality of look the dissertation deserves.

  1. Using Unpublished Dissertations
  2. Manage your Advisor
  3. Managing Productivity
  4. Dissertation in Steps
  5. Language Use

Using Unpublished Dissertations

Unpublished Dissertations come in two categories; failed and passed. They are not usually kept with the published Dissertations, but separately, and many students do not know about them. What these are, are complete dissertations that for some reason were not published. Some just barely passed, some failed. But they all have many good points in them, and a student writing a dissertation can see why they were not accepted as well as they should have been. So these will help with finding errors not to make, and correct ones that were made.

Managing your Advisor

By the time the student starts writing their dissertation, they should know more about their subject, than many in their committee. They are leaving the student stage, and becoming the instructor’s colleague. So it is no longer the time to be relying on your instructor, but seeking advice when, and only when needed. Talk to them about such things as when you should make progress reports, and how often they would consider advise requests from you. They will have other students doing the same thing, and if you cannot handle a lot of this on your own, it will look as if you are unready for this step. Use them, and friends, but mostly rely on yourself.

Managing Productivity

Learn when you are more productive! This is the time to write. The other time, is for research and referencing. Develop an area, or find an area that you can be more productive in. Make yourself more productive!

Dissertation in Steps

Never try to tackle a dissertation in one swoop! Everything is in steps, and that is for a reason. From proposal to final editing, break the process into steps to be completed. By breaking it into steps, the student can focus all their energy into that process, and do a much more superior job.

Language Use

Never talk like the common man, in the dissertation, you should be talking like the expert and professional you are! Use the right technical and professional language. Restrict common language as much as humanly possible, and develop your technical vocabulary to reduce the amounts of words, and to sound like you know what you are talking about.

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