Composing An Outstanding Geography Dissertation Proposal

Why writing a dissertation proposal?

The main reason behind writing a dissertation proposal is to prove to others that your research is justified or not. Moreover the senior or the teacher who will have a look at your proposal can advice you what to add or lessen in the dissertation. The proposal part of your research work is as much important as your whole project, because it involves thorough research like the main project work. Your seniors will get a god idea about your investigation through the proposal part.

Composing a Geography dissertation proposal

Preparing a dissertation proposal is time consuming as well as challenging. People follow a certain forma to compose a proposal. Generally APA style is best suited for this format and is universally accepted. There are certain steps to be followed to compose the proposal. The proposal generally consist 4-5 pages. Here is the outline if preparing an outstanding geography proposal.

  • Title page: The first page of the work consists of the project title. The title should be not more than 10 words and that should be catchy enough to grab your readers’ attention. It should also contain your name and the institution under which you are doing the research.

  • Abstract: The next page generally contains an abstract or the summary of the topic that you have opted to write. It should consist of the planning of how you are going to deal with the question or the problem in your paper. In this page you need to justify the reason of choosing the topic of geography as your dissertation paper.

  • Introduction: Then comes the introduction part of your work. The introduction part mainly deals with the problem or the question that you are dealing with in your paper. Basically it is the page where you need to write about the background of your work.

  • Method page: After you have given an introduction to your work, now you need to write about the method you are using to construct the paper. in this page you have describe how you have done the research or how and from where you have collected all the information for your project. Make sure you provide the time-plan of your work.

  • Result part: In this part you need to talk about the probable result you are going to get after you have done the research.

  • List of references: It is necessary to provide the list of books or articles or any other sources that you are going to take help from while doing the research.

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