Nine Winning Topics For A Dissertation In Sociolinguistics

When studying soci0linguistics at dissertation level, you may be required to prepare and write a long essay, such as dissertation. One of the most difficult things about writing dissertations is come up with a good topic or theme to write about. If you’re struggling to think the title for your academic paper then the following may help to inspire some ideas.

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Consider how easy it will be to get relevant data and information for the topic that you pick

For a start, whatever title you choose to write about, you will almost certainly have to do a great deal of detailed research. As a result, you need to bear in mind how easy it will be to get relevant data and information for any topic you pick.

For example, you need to bear in mind what research methods you may wish to use, as well as what information is available on the Internet and from any other sources that you may choose to research.

Think about things relating to language or society that interest you

A good way thinking of ideas for a sociolinguistics essay is to think about any areas of language of the society that you live in that interest you. Equally, you may wish to base your paper on something that is particularly relevant to you; for example, if you or someone close to you is part of hearing then you may wish to develop a title based around people that live with hearing disabilities.

Some further ideas of topics and titles that you may wish to base your essay upon been listed below.

  1. An examination of language use between the classes in the 18th Century
  2. How does language evolution help to strengthen a sense of community in areas affected by poverty?
  3. How do young people use slang words and language to distance themselves from older generations?
  4. Why is there resistance to new words being formed?
  5. An analyse of the incorporation of hybrid English-French words in 21st Century French society
  6. An in depth study in to how word use reflects social concerns of a given time
  7. An analysis of Cockney rhyming slang, from inception to current, modern-day usage
  8. How does the use of text language aid or detract from learning a native language?
  9. How does language use differ between monolingual and multi-lingual societies?

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