Quick Tips To Help You Succeed At The Dissertation Proposal Defense

When you are writing a dissertation proposal defense, you need to ensure that you have all of the parts covered. Your job is to present such an effective argument that you can convince any reader that your proposal is worthwhile.

When you set out to defend you proposal and explain why it is a viable contribution to your academic community you should adhere to the following:

  1. Set up a designated work period.
  2. You need to reserve a specific time of day for your work. The best time is not right after school is over and classes are done, because this is the time in which students need to unwind. But finding a good time after that is up to you. If you prefer having a snack, relaxing, and then diving right in, then set up a schedule that allows you to work regularly before dinner. If you need a big meal first, then set up your work time after dinner. If you prefer working in the morning, then set that time up. Make sure you find a time that works best for you and your schedule and keep it regular. The amount of time you reserve should be contingent upon the amount of work you have. Obviously nights with more work require more time, but you should start at the same time each day.

  3. Stay actively engaged.
  4. While you are doing your homework you want to stay actively engaged. It is far too easy for students to get distracted and stop paying attention, only to read the same line five times in a row and still not realize what was read. You can stay active by taking notes, reading out loud, underlining important aspects of the text, or drawing pictures. Find a method of studying that helps you the most. If you are having difficulty still, ask your teacher for help or suggestions for studying.

  5. Use your free time wisely.
  6. There are many minutes throughout the day that students do not account for, but can be quite beneficial. If, for example, you have a long car ride to school, you can use that time to review flash cards. If you have a study period in the morning where you often read, you can use it to prepare for your next class or get a jump start on your homework.

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