Selecting Strong Topics For Writing A Dissertation In Architecture

Writing a dissertation in architecture is a task that can be both very interesting and very difficult. There are lots of topics you can choose from. However, not all topics are equally interesting and attractive. That’s why it’s important for you to approach this matter carefully. This article offers you a list of strong topics that may inspire you to come up with your own brilliant idea.

  1. Gothic architecture.
  2. Explore the history of gothic architecture, make a list of its features, and discuss whether it influenced some modern styles.

  3. Natural factors versus architectural projects.
  4. Discuss in your work how unpredictable weather conditions may affect architectural projects. What preliminary steps should be taken when starting a serious project?

  5. Landscape architecture.
  6. This type of architecture differs a lot from building architecture. However, the majority of people don’t know what it is. Choose this topic for your dissertation and explain why it’s unique.

  7. Sport complexes and tourism centers.
  8. This topic allows you to do research on these amazing buildings. Explore the history of these complexes and try to predict what they will look like in the future.

  9. Architecture and solar energy.
  10. You may choose this topic if you’re interested in alternative energy sources. Investigate how we can use solar batteries attached to our houses. Is it possible to build some kind of solar factory?

  11. Architecture and the environment.
  12. Investigate in your dissertation how the environment limits architectural projects. What methods can be used to avoid or overcome environmental issues?

  13. Design of airports.
  14. You may write about different airport designs in your work. Investigate how to design airports efficiently and compare some of the largest airports in the world.

  15. Low-cost houses.
  16. Do research on the ways of building low-cost houses. Is it possible to build a low-cost house that will stand for many years?

  17. Design of skyscrapers.
  18. These impressive buildings demonstrate the architectural genius of modern civilization. Discuss some of the greatest skyscrapers and compare them in your dissertation. What amazing buildings will we build in the future?

  19. Architecture and art.
  20. Write about architectural projects that can be considered pieces of art. What distinguishes them from the buildings we usually see around us?

  21. Architecture and heating.
  22. This topic allows you to explore how to construct buildings in cold weather. What architectural methods should be used to help keep a house warm at any time?

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