How To Conduct A Research To Complete Your Dissertation Successfully

As a student writing a dissertation you will already know the importance of good and thorough research. And it is also fair to say that if you wish to make your dissertation a successful piece of writing then so much of that success will depend on your ability to conduct proper research. How should you go about it?

While we should go back one step and say that right from the beginning once the topic of your dissertation is being discussed, any topic which looks like a likely candidate should be assessed in terms of the amount of relevant research material available and the accessibility of said research material. If you can't find sufficient material or if you can't access sufficient material then you really need to think seriously about changing the topic of your dissertation. That said here are some tips in order to conduct your research.

  • - Draw up a list of questions of what you're looking for.
  • - Perfect your note taking skills.
  • - Be prepared to discover new main points.
  • - Draw up a first version of your plan or outline and if necessary do further research.
  • - Keep accurate records for the citation of references.

Yes you will have a topic for your dissertation but before you undertake researching material to write that dissertation you need to create a series of questions. Each question will be related to the topic of your dissertation. The answers to those questions will be found in your research material. So the stronger and more detailed your questions the better will be your research activities.

One thing you can learn in a practical sense to help you as a student is that ability to take shorthand. Now I’m not talking about the traditional methods of shorthand unless you want to do that but rather your own form of shorthand which enables you to collect information without writing verbatim what you have found.

Just because you have a series of questions and the answers will be found in your research material, don't shut yourself off from finding a new point. This means that you would need to have another question added to your list.

And before you write your dissertation you will create a plan or outline. You can even have two versions of your plan. After you've done your research you create your plan. If you do not feel it is solid enough or if there are gaps in your plan you will need to go back and do further research to improve your plan. And remember that you will undoubtedly quote from reliable sources found in your research material and to do that you must follow the correct procedure in the citation of references.

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