18 Thought-Provoking Dissertation Topics About Depression

Writing a dissertation in psychology always implies lots of stress because you have to come up with an intriguing and up-to-date topic. As it’s the final stage to your doctoral degree after many years of studying, it should be really something noteworthy and remarkable. Moreover, you should make sure that the topic you choose isn’t too narrow or too broad. Both of these extremes are dangerous as a too broad topic won’t let your paper be specific, which is strongly required, whereas a too narrow topic will disable you from doing a deep research on the topic because it’ll just lack complexity. In addition the topic shouldn’t be too obvious either due to the fact that a too apparent theme of your work won’t allow you to build strong arguments about the main points you intend to prove. A topic you don’t admire is also far from a good idea as your attitude to your writing will be revealed throughout the work whether you want it or not.

To get an idea what to write about on depression, here is a list of relevant topics to dwell on in your pursuit of the PhD degree:

  1. A research of the correlation between depression and students’ academic performance during the last academic year in college.
  2. Mental operations in the compulsive eating.
  3. The consequences of the depression over the physical appearance among men over 40 years old.
  4. The effectiveness of the online depression psychotherapy.
  5. Ways to identify and cope with the teen depression of females and males.
  6. The effectiveness of the mental health counseling of the teenagers in depression.
  7. The relation between eating restrictions and depression.
  8. Response of adults and children to antidepressants.
  9. Systematic errors in the memory and self-control when depressed.
  10. The need to belong to somebody and the risk of depression.
  11. Exhaustion as a sign of vulnerability to depression.
  12. A too demanding attitude to males leads to depression.
  13. Prolonged teen depression over the parents’ separation.
  14. Inferiority complex and depression of one of the spouses: the impact on their marriage partners.
  15. Depression in case of different physical disorders: clinical presentation and therapies.
  16. Apathy depression: its structure and course.
  17. Neurotic depressive disorders: signs and treatment methods.
  18. Prozac and depression: irrelevant prescriptions.
  19. Hormonal imbalance amongst women suffering from depression.

Whatever topic you choose, ensure that you address it specifically. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to carry out a thorough investigation of your own to avoid plagiarism after reading other authors.

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