Tricks on How to Become an Expert in Writing a Conclusion for Your Thesis

Writing teachers will tell you to start your paper strong and to finish your paper with a strong conclusion. Unfortunately, many writers do not know what to put in the conclusion. Here are several tips for writing an effective conclusion, add no new information, quotes are acceptable, restate the thesis in different wording, add a universal statement if possible, and make it short and sweet.


  • Add no new information: Do not add new information in the conclusion. You are wrapping up the facts and statements you have all ready made. You are not adding new details to the paper in the conclusion.
  • Quotes are okay these days: It is now acceptable to use a quote in your conclusion. Just make sure the quote is strong, effective, and relates to the subject. This used to be frowned upon, but not any more.
  • Restate the thesis: Restate the thesis, but use different words, and if at all possible break the thesis into several statements or sentences. This breaking up the thesis is a sign of a mature and advanced writer. You can place the restatement at any point of the paragraph, but placing is last is the most effective spot.
  • Add a universal statement if possible: If you can add a universal statement to the conclusion, then do so. This statement would indicate how your subject is relative to the world, as we know it. You still must remain writing in a formal and third person point of view. Not every subject lends itself to a universal statement, but your teacher will be every aware of this.
  • Make it short and sweet: There is no need to write a four-page conclusion. Being simple, but using strong verbs and vivid language choices will be more effective than going on and going on. A short and sweet conclusion is a very good thing for a paper to have.

Your concluding paragraph should be stuck in your reader’s mind long after he or she has read the paper. It is very important that the conclusion of your paper is written correctly. Make sure that as you write the conclusion, it contains no new information, you can use quotes, restate the thesis in a different way and adding more sentences, add a universal statement if possible, and keep it short and sweet.

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