Where to Get a Proper APA Style Dissertation Template

Each academic subject will use a specific writing style. During their academic careers, students may need to write in APA, Chicago or MLA style. APA style is the most common form of writing for the social sciences. When students have to write their dissertation, they will most likely have to use this style of writing. To get a head start on the writing process, students should look up a template for their essay. They can later use this template to guide the writing and formatting in their paper.

The Introduction

This section of the document is designed to set the stage for the reader. It will include a general description of the dissertation and discuss the problem that will be studied. The thesis should be clearly stated so that the reader has a clear expectation of what will follow. It may discuss potential hypotheses or research questions.

Writing the Literature Review

A literature review is supposed to show the current state of the field. It will discuss relevant literature on the topic and any problems with this literature. This portion of the paper will essentially provide background information for the reader. For the academic committee, the literature review will demonstrate the depth of the student's research.


Depending on the academic subject, a methodology section may be required. This portion of the paper will restate the purpose and cover the ways that the research will be conducted. The subjects used in the study, attrition rates and the research design should be discussed.


Once the methodology is written, students can detail the results of their study. This section will detail the impact that the results have and any data that was achieved in the study. In this portion, the student may include graphs, tables or statistics to demonstrate the findings.


At the end of the writing, the student must summarize the study and state their conclusions. This portion of the paper should be related to the literature review. The student may point out problems with the literature or consistencies. In this portion of the paper, students can speculate about the meaning of the study's results.


According to APA style, students are supposed to list the references they use as they write the paper. These citations will be included in the same page that they are used. Certain academic advisers may want the student to create a separate bibliography, so students should always check with their professor before they submit the dissertation.

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