10 Unexpected Math Dissertation Topics For University Students

When writing a math dissertation, there are various approaches that you may wish to use. One of the good advantages of writing a dissertation is the flexibility that you have in thinking of a good topic to write about. The following outlines some approaches that you may wish to take when writing the essay, as well as providing a list of possible topics that you could use.

In-depth studies into respected mathematicians of the past or present

One approach you may wish to take is to carry out an in-depth study of a respected mathematician. It may be that they are living or dead; so long as they have had a significant impact on a field of mathematics, it doesn’t really matter when they lived.

It may be that you choose to base your essay on a mathematician who is particularly relevant to your favourite field of mathematics. Alternatively, you may choose to base a paper on a mathematician whose have a significant impact on the world.

Examinations of popular theories and theorems

You may wish to base your paper on popular theories and theorems, including a study into how they were formed, what steps have been taken to prove them, and which notable mathematicians have made significant contributions to the understanding of these theories and theorems.

Topics involving research into the application of mathematics in modern day life

Another approach that you may wish to take is to look at a field of mathematics this is particularly relevant in modern day life. It can be quite interesting to look at mathematical topics that have a significant impact upon the way we live and work, but yet are particularly undervalued for their influence on everyday life.

As well as using the various approaches listed above, you may wish to gain some inspiration from the topics listed below.

  • The different approaches that mathematicians have used when looking at Waring's Problem
  • Continued Fractions and the used of the approximation of irrationals by rational numbers
  • An in depth study into analytic number theory
  • The history of mathematics
  • How random are random number generators?
  • How the human mind sees number patterns when they don’t exist?
  • The use of reliability theory in the real world
  • A look at the life of Euclid
  • The implication of the theory of quadratic forms
  • The applications of representation theory outside of mathematics

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