Writing A Proper Acknowledgement For College Thesis: 10 Helpful Guidelines

If you have ever written a thesis as part of an essential accomplishment of your academic life at a college, you know how laborious and rigorous it was for you. Also, like every student, you might have sought assistance from some people who helped you throughout the time you took to write the thesis. Won’t you thank those people who made it easy for you? Of course, you would. An acknowledgement is perhaps the best way to do that.

Here are ten proven suggestions to help you with it.

  • Knowing what it is:
  • An acknowledgement is one of the initial parts of a college thesis, which is actually written to convey thanks and gratitude to people who play indispensable and acknowledgeable roles in helping the writer to create the thesis.

  • Knowing the purposes:
  • The acknowledgement is just a concise vote of expressing the “thank you” statement. It merely mentions persons who are directly concerned in the creation of your work.

  • Where to put it?
  • As said above, it is a part of the thesis which is best to put at the beginning of your paper. More specifically, the acknowledgement page should be placed after the copyright and the dedication page.

  • Whose name needs to be presented?
  • You need to be cautious about who to include. Presenting gratitude in teachers and fellow college students can be the most appropriate way while you may mention others like your laboratory assistants, parents and librarians.

  • Do not make it a testimonial speech:
  • You might have discovered some similarities between a thesis acknowledgement and a testimonial statement presented at an award-giving ceremony. Do not get confused about them. Your acknowledgement should not sound like something of a testimonial speech.

  • Do not mention the contributors to your formation as being an individual:
  • There are people who might have taken part either directly or indirectly in your formation as becoming a researcher or a professional. Do not include those people in it.

  • Do not talk about just one person:
  • It is not recommended to include just a single individual. Try to include those who are concerned with your efforts in some way.

  • Avoid the idea of including the page if…
  • If you have only a single individual to thank, it is better to avoid including your acknowledgement page and save time for other parts.

  • Learning the useful phrases:
  • There are some phrases which are acceptable for the acknowledgement page. Following are three good examples of the beginning part:

    • - With immense gratitude, I acknowledge the assistance of my Professor…
    • - It gives me great pleasure in acknowledging the assistance of my Professor…
    • - I cannot find exact words to express my heartfelt gratitude to…

  • Completing your acknowledgement:
  • After expressing your thanks to those persons, you should include the reasons why you are doing so. Otherwise, the statement would be pointless.

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