No More Struggling To Come Up With Good Thesis Topics

You can do your own private research to come up with a topic and then to test whether it’s a good one. Follow the following process and see if you can come up with a brilliant thesis topic. After all, you have to spend months working on your thesis, so you’d better make sure it’s worth the endurance.

A thesis is just a recording of a process

The best theses are ones that record the journey of the writer. You don’t need to know how an experiment is going to turn out in order to write about it. Take the reader on the same journey you were on while researching. This type of writing is honest and enjoyable to read. All this to say: if you consider a topic that you don’t know that much about, it may be better than one you do know lots about.

A dividable topic with dividable divisions

If you’ve settles on a topic that you think you can work with, put it through the following test. Divide it into about five parts. Write the headings for those parts down and also write down what you will intend to carry across for each part.

Then, write down several sections for each division. If you struggle to come up with parts, chances are it is either a difficult topic to research, or it just isn’t going to be compelling enough to write about.

Sections that can be elaborated on

However, if your topic passes the test, think about ways you can elaborate on each one. You don’t need to write this down, just think about whether you can muster up content for each section. If you doubt whether you can do this, use the following list for inspiration:

  • Ask questions
  • Make lists
  • Conduct experiments
  • Interview someone
  • Use quotes

If you can develop content around these elements (and any others you can think of) you’ve got yourself a winner.

Read and ask

Do a bit of preliminary research. Get potential material together and start reading. If also helps to get a thesis example that is similar to your topic. Read through these and stop ever so often in order to ask a question. The more questions you can generate form external content, the more content you can generate for your own thesis.

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