A Quick Guide On How To Choose Attention-Grabbing Sports Dissertation Topics

Great sports dissertation topics take some time to think up. Give yourself a few hours during the day and use the following pointers to choose your topic. Make sure you are alone for these few hours and that you have a pen and notebook on hand to jot down ideas.

  • Get in on the relevance
  • Sports news is something that changes from day to day, so you will never run out of topic-generating material. Get onto news sites and find out what is trending in the world of sports. A current scandal or a new record could make for an interesting topic if you know how to dig deep and analyze various aspects.

  • Choose a sport you are not completely familiar with
  • Not many will give you this advice, but you are setting yourself up for a better paper if you choose a sport that you are not too familiar with. The reason for this is that when someone writes on a familiar sport, they assume too much about what the reader knows. Your reader may not have as much background on the sport as what you do and may find themselves lost in your secondary facts. Choosing a sport you don’t know too well forces you to do more groundwork and learn about the subject as you are writing it.

  • Think further than the surface
  • Take your sports story or news event and go deep into the facts and dynamics of that event. Look at the determining factors of why things happen and why players act in a certain way. You can also take game policies into consideration and expand on various dimensions of the sport. In short, don’t just scratch the surface of your subject. When thinking up a topic, make sure you include all the elements that are pertinent to your upcoming content.

  • Data collection strategies
  • When coming up with a topic, it helps to strategize what ways you will be collecting your data. Will you be conducting interviews or have the means to speak to experts? Is there somewhere you can source reliable stats to prove your arguments? All these questions will determine in which direction you can take your paper, and whether or not you can write on certain topics. Bear all this in mind when coming up with your topic.

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