A List Of Great Thesis Topic Ideas For Civil Engineering

Civil engineering research involves strong analytical skills and a practical approach. If you’re assigned a thesis, you should start working on it as soon as you can in order to have enough time for doing a literature study, build a model if needed, and describe the results. However, the first important thing to do is to select a great thesis topic idea and get it approved by your professor. To get inspired, you can use the following list of sample topics for civil engineering:

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  1. Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants in Spain and the U.S.: a comparison study.
  2. CSP technology allows to store excess solar energy for using it later. Governments in the U.S. and Spain subside CSP programs. The thesis might focus on effectiveness of the subsidy policies in these two countries and economical effects involved.

  3. Pumped hydroelectric energy storage (PHES): the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.
  4. PHES has an efficiency rate between 70 and 85 percent. It’s installation is being restricted by geographical limitations, and there’re some ecological concerns involved. You can add some recommendations for further advancement of the technology in your paper.

  5. A power management system for a nuclear power in France.
  6. You can use different software to create a simulation model for the power management system, describe several scenarios that include changes in load demand, and analyze the key safety concerns of people who live near nuclear power plants.

  7. Control system software for electrical systems in shipping: essential aspects.
  8. Electrical systems on modern ships are very complicated. Control system software should monitor and analyze the condition of both individual components and the system as a whole. You can describe such a system, highlighting its important characteristics.

  9. Construction of tunnels within civil engineering: a case study of a tunnel in your area.
  10. Tunnel construction projects are often very complicated since there’re many important details to consider. You can find out how a tunnel in your area was build, what problems were solved, and how well it operates now.

  11. Sustainable civil engineering principles: a review of good practices.
  12. The future engineering practices should take into consideration that resources are limited, the level of environmental pollution is critical, and people need to apply other principles in their work. Provide examples of good practices in different countries.

  13. Developing effective mechanisms for removing pollutants from soil: the use of absorbents.
  14. Agriculture and industry pollutes soils. Some pollutants, such as heavy metals, stay there for decades. You can examine several mechanisms that are used in different countries in order to remove these pollutants.

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