A List Of Unexplored Phd Dissertation Topics In Business

Your dissertation is a very important paper. You need to complete one to finish your degree program. When you are starting the writing process, one of the key things that you have to do is decide on a topic. Your topic is a big deal. A dissertation has to be on a unique topic. You can’t write about something that has already been researched. It is designed to be an original study that focuses on adding something to your field of study. Therefore, you can build on a topic that has already been discussed but it can’t be just a compilation of information that has already been presented.

You will be asked to present a dissertation proposal in which you will present the idea for your paper. You have to prove to the board that you can write a paper on your topic in this capacity. An average dissertation has around forty pages so you must be able to have enough information on your topic to write a paper of this length. Here are some topics to get you started. You may want to use these as a starting point and then break them down using a company to analyse so that you can make it unique and more specific. Start with one of these topics and build on it to create a very specific study.

  1. How can a small business avoid excessive taxing?
  2. What are the best ways to deal with a diverse workforce?
  3. How important is the Human Resource department in dealing with religious beliefs?
  4. How have social media sites affected marketing?
  5. What are the risks that Verizon has taken by introducing their television services?
  6. How does the weather in some states affect production and distribution?
  7. What leadership strategies work best for companies expanding to other countries?
  8. How do credit card companies help facilitate international business?
  9. How can a company build strong working team relationships?
  10. How will the shopping cart app Keep steal business from the Pinterest users?
  11. How does net neutrality affect broadband goals?
  12. Can bad customer service cost a lot of money: Comcast’s customer service incidents?
  13. Israel Markets: Cyber Ark gets increase in earnings from the attack on Sony
  14. What will Xiaomi’s entrance into the United States market mean for its competitors?
  15. How can business leaders protect themselves from ethics scandal?

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