Creating A Doctoral Dissertation In Music: 10 Basic Rules

Dissertation are basically large projects to be done during the course of a semester and there are many ways to go about doing it. The most basic would be to follow a set guideline or style for formatting your paper but there are many other ways of approaching this task. For instance, if you find yourself at a loss and wish to be assisted further, you could use this service.

There are several steps to follow when writing any dissertation and I will outline these in the following ten, short points:

  1. Select a proper topic.
  2. Choice of topic is important, be sure yours is engaging, interesting and relevant to the interests of your intended readers.

  3. Review published papers written on that topic.
  4. This will ensure that you do not repeat research that was already done by someone else and can also reduce the chances for unintentional plagiarism.

  5. Decide on a format style.
  6. There are many formats available and these can all be found quite easily, by using any popular search engine.

  7. Construct a hypothesis.
  8. This is the opening statement of your paper and usually guides the entire direction of your research. It is a statement that predicts an outcome based on observed phenomena and should be stated assertively.

  9. Use all available resources to gather information.
  10. More sources of information means that you are likely to verify the accuracy of any one source.

  11. Organize your data in order of importance.
  12. This will allow both you and your readers to follow your train of thought easily, without having to jump back and forth between sections.

  13. Present your argument accompanied by supporting evidence.
  14. Any claim you make must be supported by empirical evidence that can be verified through recognized means.

  15. End your paper with a good conclusion.
  16. The conclusion should wrap up your argument in a nice, neat manner, leaving the reader with a complete understanding after reading your paper.

  17. Practice proper referencing throughout the paper.
  18. This is important, one does not wish to be accused of plagiarism and it is important that any information contained in their paper can be verified for accuracy. Providing information about your sources will enable readers to do just that.

  19. Prepare a defense.
  20. This is a common requirement of most students and it is important to be prepared. While writing your paper, it is important to take into consideration the fact that you may be required to give an account of any and everything contained within.

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