Exploring Construction Law Dissertation Topics: 25 Unique Suggestions

The following construction law dissertation topics are free to use for all students who are still undecided about the direction they wish to take.

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  1. Insurance policy and insurance certificate: Clearing up misconceptions about what each one entails
  2. Distinguishing liability laws between contractors and subcontractors: Clauses and requirements to consider
  3. An overview of wavers of Subrogation: Cutting out agents and preventing middleman involvement
  4. Keeping it legal: Negligence laws and how they can be adhered to by building managers
  5. Adhering to ‘Pay-when-paid’ clauses: Ways to monitor this clause and related issues pertaining to legal requirements
  6. Dispute resolution in insurance claims: What small contractors need to know before starting a new project
  7. Looking at what is covered in a negligence insurance claim and how to handle related disputes
  8. Ethics in construction: Strategies to counter payment delays from subcontractors, suppliers, and service providers
  9. Be careful who you hire: Essential laws to understand before dealing with subcontractors
  10. A comparison and analysis of various indemnities within different states and countries
  11. The man and his tools: Looking at laws that pertain to construction equipment and the workers who utilize them
  12. Analyzing the three types of risk transfer options in construction insurance: Broad, Intermediate, and Limited
  13. True or false: Misconceptions about construction insurance
  14. How constitutional law plays into construction law
  15. A case study of an insurance dispute: Lessons to be learnt from contractors and building managers
  16. Mediation and arbitration processes for construction legal cases: 5 current day examples
  17. Factors affected by the Labour Relations Act of `95: Method of compliance with all aspects pertaining to construction workers
  18. Finer details in a settlement agreement that must be noted post-arbitration: 3 Examples of beneficiaries who did not read the fine print
  19. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: When should a subcontractor follow the law rather than the head contractor?
  20. Proper procedures for setting up a formal risk assessment: Small details that should not be overlooked
  21. Ways to optimize return on investment: How to ensure smooth collaboration between client and contractor during construction projects
  22. Team management styles in construction: Balancing between negotiations, project breakdowns, and insurance details
  23. Architectural negligence: An overview
  24. Tax related cases in construction law: An analysis of three cases
  25. Getting disputes out of the way early on in projects: Effective management of engineering and architecture processes

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